15,000 Soldiers from 14 Countries War Training Near Russian Border


The NATO Hedgehog 2022 military exercise begins in Estonia on Monday (16/5/2022). Photo/Twitter/BlogUkraine

TALLINN – Large-scale NATO military exercises began in Estonia on Monday (16/5/2022). The exercise dubbed “Hedgehog 2022” is one of the largest in the Baltic nation’s history, according to NATO.

The exercise will involve around 15,000 troops from 14 countries, including members of the military bloc and their partners.

“Soldiers from Finland, Sweden, Georgia and Ukraine are among those who will take part in the exercise,” said a report by Finnish public broadcaster Yle.

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The drills will cover all branches of the armed forces and involve air, sea and ground exercises, as well as cyber warfare training, according to Yle.

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According to a NATO statement, the exercise will also see the US Navy’s Wasp-class landing ship “Kearsarge” take part in the exercise.

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NATO and the Deputy Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces Major General Veiko-Vello Palm denied the drills, which are about 60 km from the Russian border, had anything to do with Moscow’s ongoing military action in Ukraine.

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