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2 dead, girl injured as hot air balloon catches fire outside of Mexico City

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On March 7, two people lost their lives when a hot air balloon caught fire outside of Mexico City. The victim was a girl who was the only one aboard the balloon when it caught on fire. The girl was flown to a hospital in Mexico City with serious injuries. The balloon was destroyed after falling into the Mexico City Wasatch National Park.

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7. “Protected mobile home crushes car as SabrinaAgatha and her husband Use It…”

SabrinaAgatha and her husband were on the road with their mobile home when a car collided with them. Fortunately, their mobile home was equipped with all the necessary safety features that came in handy at the time of the accident. Their mobile home did crush the car, but they remained safe and sound inside it.

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Don’t pick up hitchhikers

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The first anniversary of the Sodality is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone with our beloved supporters. Here’s what you need to know about the event:

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Mexican government officials say that two people have died and a girl has been injured as a hot air balloon caught fire outside of Mexico City. Mexico’s National public safety coordinator, Francisco Javier Robles, said that the balloon wasBurning when it went up into the sky, according to the Mexican Press Agency.

Robles said that firefighters were being dispatched to the scene, and that the girl had been taken to a local hospital with serious burns. He also said that the two deaths were not linked to the hot air balloon.

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