The trick behind the “mysterious” number 37 and other viral math formulas

Alfonso J. Population Updated:09/28/2020 12: 33h save The mathematics they are a complex subject and at certain levels complicated. The complexity is that it has several and very different aspects. On the one hand, there is its technical nature (the algorithms and results that allow us to solve exercises or problems that frequently arise in […]

Barcelona calls Emerson btico and asks him to have his suitcase packed, just in case

He ‘Emerson case’ threatens to stay alive until the last minutes of the summer transfer market. The Brazilian right-back, who plays in the Real Betis under a formula of co-ownership with the FC Barcelona, continues to be one of the main options to reinforce the right-handed side of the Barça team’s defense, which still contemplates […]

HS plug-in hybrid, second model of the renewed MG in Europe

A. Noguerol The Ship of Avila Updated:09/28/2020 1:31h save Related news The British firm MG, now in the hands of the Chinese Saic Motor, has presented in London lthe first official images of its second European model, the new MG HS plug-in hybrid. Last year the 100% electric MG ZS EV was launched in several […]

Sergio Ramos, an inexhaustible mine

«He has been a permanent fixture in the Real Madrid team for 16 seasons. “Myth”, some Real Madrid professionals call him who live with him on a daily basis. For Zidane he is an example to be followed by young people. At 34 he is experiencing the best performance in a career full of personal […]

Reims-PSG (0-2): Icardi, a double to start his season

He started running, a huge smile on his face in order to best celebrate his first goal in an official match since February 29. But Mauro Icardi could not go very far on the lawn of the Auguste-Delaune stadium in Reims, where Paris won (2-0): the arm of Alessandro Florenzi cut him off in full […]

The day a banderillero left the Plaza de Madrid

Angel G. Abad Updated:09/28/2020 01: 22h save Related news “The apotheosis of a pawn”, ABC titled the chronicle of the novillada held at the Madrid old square on September 12, 1920. Full on the lines and the unprecedented end of a banderillero on his shoulders by the Puerta Grande of the most important arena in […]

Around the world with Julio Camba and his blessed refried foods

Bruno Pardo PortoFOLLOW Madrid Updated:09/28/2020 01: 22h save It was 1957 and Julio Camba I was already tired. He lived in the Palace of Madrid, from where he surveyed a reality that no longer interested him much beyond his palate. Ruano, who dined with him from time to time, remembered him this way on ABC […]