The Islamic State has called for attacks in Saudi Arabia

“There are many goals … Start by destroying the oil pipelines, factories and facilities that are the source (of revenue) of this tyrannical government,” said an IS spokesman in a recording published by the Islamic State on Telegram. According to the AFP agency, Quraysh also criticized the decision of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates […]

Ellon Musk Reveals SpaceX Has Prepared Starship on Earth Route -…

loading… TEXAS – SpaceX almost ready to start building permanent human settlements on Planet Mars with a very large Starship rocket. This rocket can go back and forth delivering its cargo from Earth to Mars back and forth (PP). (Also read: Successfully Towards Mars, UAE Is Ready To Launch Moon Rover Rover In 2024) “The […]

Lopez does not intend to agree to a revenge with Lomachenko

The absolute world lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) is not going to give revenge to the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko (14-2, 10 KOs), whom he won the day before in Las Vegas. “Why? I beat him. I did everything to beat him. If our fight happens again, it will end with the same […]

SOMEONE IS MARRIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PANDEMIC? – Follow @bride_yes. Make an appointment …

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It transports us younger patients and in more severe conditions

“In the spring, we were the only covid center in the Zlín region, so we just continued smoothly. Since September 14, we have had a full ward for positive patients. Now they are next door to the ICU, so we have seventeen of them. These are severe to critical conditions, “the nurse, who leads a […]

An Airplane Passenger Smuggles Pieces of Gold in the Rectum

New Delhi – A passenger on the plane was arrested after hiding pieces of gold in her rectum. This is done to avoid paying taxes when landing at airports in India. Reported The Star, Sunday (18/10/2020) police arrested the man (name withheld) when he arrived at Kannur International Airport from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Officers […]

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

Recently, the threshold of one million deaths due to this pandemic has been exceeded. Since the beginning of the pandemic, epidemiologists and public health specialists have used mathematical models to predict the future in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But mathematical modeling of infectious diseases is difficult. Epidemiologists warn that their calculations […]