Omar Sy, from 'Lupine' (Netflix) and 'Untouchable': five children and always in love with the same woman

 The family life of the French actor is a mystery, so he and his wife, Hélène, with whom he has lived all his life

We could say that the name of Omar Sy sounds strong again, but the truth is that he has become an indispensable actor since he became known to the general public thanks to his character in ‘Untouchable’. His acting talent caught our eye, but his smile did the rest. It doesn't help that we overcome our infatuation with the fact that he chooses characters as rich and attractive as his latest series, ‘Lupine’, a premiere of the Netflix streaming platform that has managed to sneak among the most watched. In it he plays a white-gloved thief in search of revenge and who distills as much charisma as his performer.

Because if anything characterizes Omar Sy, in addition to his 1.90 height, it is his personality. The son of a Mauritanian mother and a Senegalese father, he was born in Trappes (France), 42 years ago, although on January 20 he will add another year. He started working at the age of 18 and has not stopped since, although he had to wait until ‘Untouchable’ to gain international recognition. The great success it meant for him professionally forced him to rethink his life, so much so that in 2012 he decided to leave France, moving with his whole family to Los Angeles to enjoy greater freedom.

This change of scenery does not seem to have affected the marital happiness she enjoys with Hélène Sy, her longtime partner. It's not a way of talking, they both met when they were very young, when they were about 20 years old. After years of relationship, they decided it was time to go to the altar. Thus, in 2007 they sealed their love with a romantic wedding and accompanied it with a honeymoon that they seem to still enjoy, if we let ourselves be guided by the constant signs of love that are dedicated on their social networks. Despite his international fame, Omar's personal life remains a mystery, perhaps because the actor prefers not to boast of his more than 20 years of solid love.

Omar is the fourth of eight children, so it is not uncommon for him to choose to form a large family. Along with Hélène he has five, two boys and three girls, the youngest of all, Amani, turned three last September. The eldest were born in 2001 (when Hélène was 24), 2003, 2006 and 2009, respectively. Little is known about her older children, she is the little one who, from time to time, sneaks into the social networks of her parents, for whom safeguarding the privacy of her offspring is a priority and one of the reasons for her move to California. When they began to recognize them in school as ‘children of’, they decided it was time to do so.

While Omar succeeds in her profession, Hélène is not far behind and has developed a solid career dedicated to social work, especially focused on child protection, as the organization she created to help hospitalized children. She is also the CEO and founder of Siyah Organics, of organic products and medicinal plants grown in Senegal. The couple continues to live their lives straddling both countries, in France they have their jobs and develop much of their professions, and in Los Angeles they enjoy "palm trees, the beach, shorts and time for my loved ones," such and as the actor confessed years ago for 'Grazia'.