19 great games that made 2019 one of the best years of video games

We look back to remember the great video games that were released in 2019. And they were not few! In this special top we talk about 19 video games that made 2019 one of the best years for the video game world. What was your favorite?

We get nostalgic. But not too much! It has simply given us to remember the great video games that the year 2019 left us, and it is difficult not to be impressed with the amount of great games that we were able to enjoy during those twelve months. It was crazy! One of the most powerful years we remember in the writing of 3DJuegos. And the best thing is that there were games for all tastes. Action, strategy, role-playing, terror, speed... as well as long-awaited sequels, remakes of cult games and totally original proposals that are here to stay. How could we not want to remember a year as good as that? So now you know what awaits you in this new special video: a summary of the best video games of 2019. And we insist. It's amazing.

Right off the bat, we kicked off the year with a game of the stature of Resident Evil 2 Remakewhich brought back to life the classic survival horror of Capcom with a spectacular graphic finish; but those from Osaka did not stop there, and in 2019 they also delighted us with what is one of the best action games of recent years, the formidable Devil May Cry 5. Nintendo was another of the companies that left their mark with a good handful of high-quality games, among which stand out Fire Emblem: Three Houses, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (remake of the Game Boy classic) the Luigi’s Mansion 3. Almost nothing! In addition, they exclusively edited for Nintendo Switch the fantastic Astral Chain of Platinum, which to the delight of their fans and of Platinum herself exceeded sales expectations. Will we ever see its sequel? For now it is one of those mysteries that remain unanswered.

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Our review of 2019 forces us to also dwell particularly on the action genre because if shooting is your thing, that year you would enjoy like a child. to the intense Gears 5 of Xbox we must add the outstanding Control from Remedy, the addictive Borderlands 3the post-apocalyptic survival of Metro: Exodusor the cooperative combats of The Division 2. We already warned you that 2019 was a spectacular year, right? Add to all these great games other outstanding titles such as the surprising Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima, or the Fantastic A Plague Tale: Innocence which was one of the revelations of the year.

We close this special by remembering two other games that left an indelible mark on millions of players around the world. On the one hand, the fascinating RPG Disco Elysium, which arrived without making much noise and ended up becoming one of the games of the year; and on the other the challenging Sekiro from Fromsoftware, which once again proved that the authors of the Dark Souls saga are one of the most talented Japanese studios today. After this review, what would you say was the game you liked the most of 2019? Have we left any in the pipeline? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment or also participate in the 3DJuegos Discord.

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