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I recently talked at Clubhouse about what mobile phone to use when playing games. If you are playing gun games, I would definitely recommend ASUS ROG Phone series mobile phones. The main reason is that the shoulder buttons are convenient. , they all began to add shoulder buttons to mobile phones, but sorry, the game experience and sensitivity are still not as good as the ROG Phone series. Although it is unknown when the latest ROG Phone 6 series will be sold in Hong Kong, if 3000 mosquitoes buy the previous generation, will you choose the old generation without hesitation (assuming you want to start the ROG Phone series flagship)? For details, see below!

The mobile phones I want to share in this article are the ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s series. In the past, the security guard downstairs in the same house and company used to blow water and talk about mobile phones. I am quite interested in the series, and I will buy it every day when it comes out. However, he rarely buys licensed products, and instead chooses to start with parallel imports, because there are more configuration options and the price is much cheaper.

ROG Phone 5 / 5s latest parallel selling price

When it comes to the old ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s, in fact, the selling price of parallel imports has dropped a lot. First of all, let’s talk about ROG Phone 5. According to the quotation of a well-known online store specializing in parallel imports, the latest selling price of parallel imports is 12GB RAM + 128GB ROM. About $3380, while the latest parallel price of 12GB + 256GB ROM is about $3900; as for the 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM version, the selling price is about $4400.

Let’s take a look at the newly upgraded ROG Phone 5s. The latest parallel version of 12GB RAM + 128GB ROM sells for about $4200, 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM sells for about $4850, and 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM sells for about $5200. I don't know if the ROG Phone 5 / ROG Phone 5s series sells at this price, will netizens consider it at this time?

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