$ 3380 to get the old ASUS ROG Telephone 5 series! Is it truly worth the cost? -andPrice.HK

I a short while ago talked to the Clubhouse about which mobile telephone to use when taking part in games. If you perform gun game titles, I would absolutely advise the ASUS ROG Cell phone collection of mobile telephones. The principal motive is that there are buttons on the shoulders for ease, while other manufacturers of gaming phones are now available. , have started including shoulder buttons to cell phones, but sorry, the gaming working experience and sensitivity are however not as great as the ROG Telephone collection. Even though it is unidentified when the newest ROG Mobile phone 6 series will be offered in Hong Kong, if you acquire the preceding era with 3000 mosquitoes, you would opt for the more mature generation with no any hesitation (assuming you want to obtain the flagship of the ROG Cellphone collection?) ? For specifics, see under!

The mobile telephones I want to share in this report are the ROG Cell phone 5 and ROG Cellphone 5s sequence. In the previous, the safety guard downstairs in the same residence and firm talked about cell telephones. He is also a person who likes to "make automobiles", and is extremely intrigued in ROG Cellular phone. I am rather intrigued in the sequence and will acquire a new just one each individual day to participate in, but hardly ever acquire certified products, but choose as a substitute to start out with the parallel import, due to the fact there are additional solutions for configuration and the price tag is a lot less expensive.

ROG Cell phone 5 / 5s newest parallel sale value

When it comes to the previous ROG Cellular phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s, the selling selling price of parallel imports has in fact dropped very a lot. Initial of all, let's converse about ROG Phone 5. According to the quotation of a properly-known on-line store specializing in parallel imports, the newest parallel import gross sales price is 12GB RAM + 128GB ROM, about $ 3380, though the latest parallel value of 12GB + 256GB ROM is about $ 3900 as for the 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM edition, the selling cost is close to $ 4400.

Let's choose a look at the freshly current ROG Telephone 5s. The most current parallel variation of 12GB RAM + 128GB ROM retails for all over $ 4200, 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM retails for all over $ 4850, and 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM retails for all over $ 5200. I really don't know if the ROG Telephone 5 / ROG Cell phone 5s series sells at this value, will netizens think about it right now?

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