Abandoned by the two countries again, the CCP sanctioned Lithuanian officials visiting Taiwan to vent their anger | Beijing | 17+1 | Estonia

[The Epoch Times, August 13, 2022](Comprehensive report by The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun)LithuaniaAfter that, another two countries recently announced their withdrawal from theBeijingLeading "17+1" cooperation mechanism.China immediately announced sanctionsLithuaniavisiting officials. The analysis pointed out that the tragic change of "17+1" to "14+1" severely damaged the CCP's diplomatic efforts in Europe, so Beijing took Lithuania to its knees.

On the evening of August 12, the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Lithuanian Minister of State for Transport and Communications, visited Taiwan, which violated the CCP’s one-China principle and interfered in the CCP’s internal affairs. Therefore, he was sanctioned personally and the two countries were suspended. Communication between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and exchanges and cooperation in the field of international road transport.

Agnie led 11 people to visit Taiwan on August 7. She said at the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country on the 11th that Taiwan and Lithuania are close friends and prosperous economies. The purpose of her visit to Taiwan is very clear. Support each other.

The Epoch Times columnist Wang He analyzed that after the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, the CCP responded strongly, including military exercises against Taiwan. It wanted to exert an international intimidation effect, but many countries responded to the CCP’s behavior. Very disgusted. Especially countries that have suffered communist aggression and persecution, such as Lithuania, the more the CCP oppresses, the more they want to support Taiwan.

Pelosi visited Taiwan from August 2 to 3. The CCP intimidated and suppressed Taiwan in military, economic and other fields.

Two more countries in the Baltic Sea withdraw from the "17+1" mechanism

While the CCP’s intimidation of Taiwan continues, on August 11, the Baltic statesEstoniaandLatviaannounced to withdraw byBeijingLeading the "17+1" mechanism of "China-Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation".

The "17+1" cooperation mechanism is a mechanism for Beijing and the leaders of the 17 Central and Eastern European countries to meet. It was established in 2012 and is held once a year. The participating Central and Eastern European countries include: Lithuania,LatviaEstoniaCzech, etc.

Reuters reported on the 11th that the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that continuing to participate in the cooperation mechanism is no longer in line with Latvia's strategic goals in the current international environment.

On the same day, Latvia and Estonia also issued separate statements saying that they will continue to establish constructive and pragmatic bilateral relations with China and conduct China-EU cooperation under the respect of international law, human rights and the rules-based international order.

Lithuania had announced its withdrawal from the cooperation mechanism last year. Lithuania said in a statement at the time that cooperating with Beijing "brought little to no benefit" and urged other countries to also withdraw, promoting genuine EU unity. Lithuania's move sparked strong dissatisfaction and economic retaliation from Beijing.

Radio Free Asia reported on the 13th that the "17+1" cooperation mechanism had changed dramatically to "14+1", which once again hit China's diplomatic efforts in Europe. As a result, Beijing turned its anger on Lithuania, announcing sanctions on officials from the country visiting Taiwan.

The report said that in the past few months, officials in Estonia and Latvia have repeatedly warned privately to withdraw from the "17+1", and they have tried to adopt a more euphemistic confrontation line than Lithuania, but Beijing's sanctions against Lithuania have made Estonia and Latvia feel The lips are dead and the teeth are cold.

Estonia's foreign minister, Urmas Reinsalu, withdrew from 17+1 less than a month after returning to power.

Taiwanese political scientist Li Youtan told Radio Free Asia that when the three Baltic countries made the decision, they emphasized to Beijing that international law, human rights and a rules-based international order cannot be done by the CCP. The CCP has been breaking the rules of the United Nations and undermining world peace. Now the leaders of Europe are about to wake up, and everyone finally knows that appeasement cannot bring peace, and that appeasement cannot make rogue countries respect the international order and human rights conventions.

Li Youtan believes that this is a very good phenomenon. The combination of the three Baltic countries and the European Union can indeed break the CCP's attempt to divide and rule. French commentator Wang Longmeng also believes that the three Baltic countries have awakened the EU powers, and it is expected that more EU countries will withdraw from the "17+1".

Responsible editor: Ye Ziming