Actress Anne Heche To Be Unplugged 'Not Expected To Survive' - Film News

Heche was involved in an accident a week ago that left her in critical condition. She is known for her role in 'Seven Days and Seven Nights' or 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'.

Bad news about Anne Heche's state of health. The actress suffered a serious accident last Friday that left her in a coma. A week later, his condition has worsened. As collected Limit datea representative of the family has released a statement revealing that suffers a severe brain injury and is 'not expected to survive'. Heche will be disconnected from life support when the family has decided how to act with her organs, as the performer is a donor.

Unfortunately, as a result of her accident, Anne Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in critical condition. He is not expected to survive. It has long been her choice to donate her organs and she is being kept on life support to determine if any are viable

The family thanks fans who have sent messages of support to the actress over the past few days, and especially praises the work done by the "wonderful staff and nurses who cared for Anne at the hospital's Grossman Burn Center West Hills". There are plans that Heche receives a 'Walk of Honor'a very special goodbye from the hospital staff that patients who are donors receive on their way to the operating room.

"Anne had a big heart and touched everyone she met with her generous spirit. More than her extraordinary talent, she saw spreading kindness and joy as her life's work. She will be remembered for her courageous honesty and he will be "missed his light" very much, remembers the statement about Anne Heche.

Anne Heche in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'.

A long and award-winning career with the best

Anne Heche's career has been recognized with several Tony and Emmy nominations. She was nominated for an Emmy Award for the first time in 2004 for playing a drug-addicted mother in the telefilm Gracie's decision. Heche was a regular face in telefilms, but also appeared in numerous television series such as PIN Tuck, Everwood or Ally McBeal. Most recently, he worked at Chicago P.D.

It was also not missing on the big screen. The actress matched with some of Hollywood's most famous stars. He worked with Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall in Reincarnation (Birth)Jonathan Glazer; The smoke screen, by Barry Levinson, where he appeared alongside Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman; she was Harrison Ford's companion in adventures a Six days and seven nights; and starred in the version of psychosis by Gus Van Sant.

In addition to his work in front of the cameras, Heche made his Broadway debut in 2002 with the acclaimed proof. He came back with XX century, for which he received a nomination for the prestigious Tony. At the same time, she is a screenwriter and director and demonstrated her style in the short film Getting back to normal and the sequel If the walls could talk II.

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