Actress Ilham Shaheen ... exposes what is hidden from the film "Helfoot", and how the artist Adel Imam stopped in the scenes with her, if not with the intervention of the director.! !

When actress Ilham Shaheen was requested about her stardom very first credit, the answer was decisive, and it was leader Adel Imam who played the starring purpose reverse him in the motion picture "Helfoot".

And that she thought of herself a Television star ahead of the motion picture "Helfoot", but following this film she turned a motion picture star.

The artist, Elham Shaheen, confirmed that the artist, Adel Imam, did not prevent in the thrilling scenes besides at the request of the director, and afterwards became a star following her participation in the film "Helfoot" with the leader. Adel Imam, and Lamis Al-Hadidi on the Ontv channel said all through former statements on a television method accompanied by the media,

She thought of herself a Tv set star ahead of the movie "Helfoot", but soon after this film she grew to become a motion picture star.

The star, Ilham Shaheen, explained she selected the aspects of the character of "Faten" herself, which she options in the functions of the movie "Curfew",

Introducing the character of a lady who served 20 several years in jail, noting throughout her statements on a media method, Lamis Al-Hadidi on an Egyptian channel, that she was not scared to glance unattractive or distant from her,

And she selected to don a black wig to completely transform her glance and adjust it herself by introducing some wisps of white hair.

Shaheen said, "The films have to have to be presented in a way that assists fix and tackle issues, and that the film has a result in that empowers women, and star Ilham Shaheen has exposed that she has determined to make the film." Curfew ",

Exceptionally, as he made a decision not to present any other movies after the movie "A day for gals", which is the 100th movie, expressing: "When I was young, I told myself the 100 oldest films, introducing that the film" The curfew " bought her notice from the first scene,

She is a female who received out of jail immediately after 20 years and made a decision to post this operate. For her part, the Egyptian artist Adel Imam expressed her pleasure with the statements of the artist Ilham Shaheen, in which he said that her superstar commenced when she participated in the movie "Helfoot".

In preceding press releases, she has verified that she has observed in her a distinguished artist who loves and sanctifies artwork, and she has been dedicated to the utmost diploma, which created a wonderful chemistry in between them all through the filming of the film, and she has directed the function in a distinct way.

It is worth noting that the film "Helfoot" was demonstrated in theaters in mid-1985, starring Adel Imam, Saeed Saleh, Ilham Shaheen, Hussein El-Sherbiny and Salah Kabil, and was written by Waheed Hamed and directed by Samir Seif .