bad news has just fallen!

For several months, the daily of the French becomes more and more difficult. Mainly because of inflation. Even the holidays may be complicated for some. Indeed, the rise in the prices of food products, gasoline and many others does not make things any easier. L'inflationwhich has already exceeded the 6% in Julyhas an impact on everything.

In addition, a news concerning the holidays has just been announced. Details in this article.

A complicated holiday

Between the price of gasoline, housing and others, going on vacation takes bravery. Besides, if you want to go on vacation without paying fuelyou have to choose the planes. Unfortunately, the latter also undergo theinflation. Obviously, this disturbs vacationers.

In fact, the leader of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary announced the end of the good plans. With the increase in fuel, plane tickets to 10 euros will no longer exist. And this for the next few years.

However, thehe airline is one of the favorites of the French. Indeed, he is a leader in the companies low cost. During an interview with BBC, the boss indicated an increase of 10 euros on average prices. Thus, the new average price of a plane ticket would be 40 euros.

Ryanair: a confident boss

However, Michael O'Leary is not really worried about his company. Indeed, it is not the only company to revise at the rise their price. Thus, the boss says: “We think people will continue to fly frequently. But I think they will become much more price sensitive”. He implies that vacationers will still choose low cost companies.

Since inflation also affects low-cost airlines, they need to raise their prices. However, rest assured, the airline will continue to offer cheaper flights than others.