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Recreation Center / Reported by Lin Chengyu

▲Wang Ruide said that the young ladies in the eight major industries were also deceived. (Picture / Flip screen)

In response to the "Cambodia Gold Rush" fraud, senior media person Wang Ruide exposed the latest progress in Sanli's "Breaking News". He said that now the fraud groups are constantly updating their tactics, "deceiving one is too slow to deceive a group", some people go to dance, do makeup Yes, there are still some people who belong to the "socially disadvantaged" and dare not tell even if they are cheated. These people are the "eight major industries".

Wang Ruide said that during the epidemic, the business of hotels and special industries was not good, and they were forced to close their doors. The young ladies who were working originally had no income. "She still has to live and take care of her family." As a result, "hotel brokerage" appeared. The media", tricking these people into going to Cambodia, "high-paid escorts, because this is a high-end consumer group, the cost of business escorts is as high as NT$100,000 a day."

Wang Ruide pointed out that these routines are all the same. As long as people arrive in Cambodia, they will become "piglets" of human trafficking. If they do not cooperate, they will be locked in dog cages, beaten, fed dogs, and electrocuted. In a word, don’t go there anymore. I’ll tell you now, from Dubai, the Middle East, to Southeast Asia and other countries, if you have high salaries, you can go there to make money, save money, buy a house, buy a car, even if it is Your closest friend may also betray you, never go out again."

Wang Ruide emphasized that even the closest friends should be careful.  (Picture / Flip screen)

▲Wang Ruide emphasized that even the closest friends should be careful. (Picture / Flip screen)

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