Democratic Center will have a 'show' against Gustavo Petro's tax reform

The Democratic Center stated in an official statement that after "a rigorous analysis of the tax reform filed by the new government, will present “several points where the reform is inconvenient” for the “national economy and the pocket of Colombians”.

This is how this Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 8 p.m. the space will be released 'The ABC of reform' lowered the "talkshow" format as the letter clarified.

These types of programs usually have a moderator and several panelists who often debate among themselves; however, the text only indicated that some of those who will intervene in the recording set will be the congressmen Miguel Uribe TurbayCarlos Meisel and Andres Forero, among others.

And although no further details were given, it was anticipated that the first topics will be: “The tax on old age and pensions, since those over 8,400,000 pesos will be taxed”, while “those over 5,000,000 will be affected with withholding at source”.

It will also talk about Withdrawal of “incentives for production and business” because this is something it discourages productive trust.”

What the number of chapters is not yet known, who will present, how long each episode will last, who else will appear and how often it will air.

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Democratic Center will have a 'show' against Gustavo Petro's tax reform

Here is the statement in question: