Drought: towards a return of the rain? Évelyne Dhéliat launches an alert...

After clearing a level of unprecedented droughtFrance is stamping with impatience waiting for a back showers. This Thursday, August 11, 2022, invited on the 1 p.m. set of TF1, Évelyne Dhéliat, head of the meteorological service, provided some information on the upcoming weather.

Unprecedented high temperatures

Since the beginning of summer, strong heat crack down on French territory. This climate has caused an unprecedented level of drought in the country. The rivers have reached their lowest level and the vegetation has lost all vitality. We can then see an unprecedented dryness. According to the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, on August 5, 2022, it is "the worst ever recorded in our country”.

Moreover, this same drought is favorable to risk of fire outbreaks. This Thursday, August 11, 2022, German, Polish, Austrian and Romanian firefighters are going to on French territory. They act as reinforcements, due to the evacuation of nearly 10,000 people after a fire in Landiras, in Gironde. The drought then makes very great damage to the territory.

In his communiqué, Météo France informs that showers should take place from Sunday August 14, 2022. This information is a relief compared to that on the impending drought. Évelyne Dhéliat announces that these “will be difficult to locate, because it is not going to rain everywhere. In addition, these storms will sometimes be violent, with other consequences”. She has, in fact, announced this, as head of the TF1 weather servicethis Thursday, August 11, 2022 on the 1 p.m. set.

Évelyne Dhéliat announces showers

Still in an interview with Jacques Legros, during 1 p.m. on TF1, Évelyne Dhéliat closed her remarks by saying that “These stormy rains should shift, this Monday, August 15, 2022, to the eastern regions. This means that they will collect a wind coming from the ocean. This wind is going to bring us wetter, cooler air and lower temperatures.”. According to the 15-day forecast from Météo France, from this Thursday, August 18, "it could rain on the whole territory and this for several days". So chances are the drought won't last that long. These showers should therefore generate a considerable drop in temperatures… However, it is still necessary to wait some time.

Still according to the forecasts posted by Météo France, from Saturday August 13, 2022, the temperatures will record a considerable drop. The French are eager to achieve this. A little rain will benefit everyone, especially thedrought alert in several departments. At the same time, the fires continue in France, even in the areas most often spared. This is why the government is issuing a general alert for vigilance. The incessant heat exhausts and tires the population but also the vegetation. These showers would greatly help the droughts present in the surrounding lands.


Thereby, A few showers would not be refused. A bit of calm cannot hurt and, on the contrary, we will undoubtedly see more people walking the streets. During this time, the fires persist in certain towns in France. Even in the areas that were a priori spared, the government is calling for general alertness. Indeed, these fires threaten to continue to spread if the weather does not show more flexibility.