Due to festivities in several cities, there could be greater circulation of monkey pox: MinSalud

This festive bridge with varied programming in some cities in Colombia could generate greater circulation of monkey pox, the Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, warned this Thursday.

It is worth remembering that these are events such as Flower Fair in Medellín, the Petronio Álvarez Festival in Cali, the Summer Festival in Bogota and that of kites for the 483 years of Tunja, with a large crowd.

The senior official also mentioned that the cases of diagnosed people continue to increase and that the figure until this Thursday is 84 cases throughout the country.

He explained that the transmission of the virus depends on people being exposed to circumstances in which they establish close physical contact, which involves coming into contact with secretions and body fluids of an infected person in two possible ways:

- Directly, such as kissing, hugging, licking, having face-to-face contact, giving generalized skin-to-skin caresses or touching and rubbing the patient's injuries.

- Indirectly, when touching or sharing personal items such as: cell phone, clothes, sheets, vapers, cigarettes, glasses, drinks, towels, cutlery, brushes and any other item or surface that may have been in contact with the skin lesions of a sick person.

For all this, the Ministry of Health reiterated the call to take extreme self-care measures to avoid contagion and adopt permanent measures such as frequent hand washing and the use of masks.

He recalled that monkey pox is not a sexually transmitted disease or exclusive to a population group. This means that using a condom is not enough to prevent the spread of the disease. "Sexual relations create the ideal circumstances for transmission to occur", he noted.

This virus can be acquired by a healthy person in two ways: because it absorbs fluids in small droplets through the respiratory tract; or because the virus that is in the fluids that came into contact with the skin, has the ability to cross healthy skin. Therefore, it can be contracted by a person of any age.

The person suspected of having the disease or being a close contact of a case must go to the health services to be diagnosed through a laboratory test.

About Covid-19, it was reported that the virus continues to circulate in Colombia and that its transmission is easier than before, due to new mutations.

It was also indicated that still mortality and ICU hospitalization have decreased notoriously thanks to vaccines, there are municipalities with low vaccination coverage that maintain a large number of vulnerable population.

In other cases there are municipalities with high coverage where there are still people who have refused to be vaccinated, therefore maintaining active transmission and the risk for the most vulnerable.