Example of a Claim in Academic Writing

Claims are requests or demands for payment under an insurance policy. They are essentially arguments or persuasions. Here is an example of a claim in academic writing. A moral evaluative claim comments on the morality of the person or idea that is the subject of the claim. For example, in John Steinbeck's novel, East of Eden, he writes that Eve had no morality and no principles. In other words, she was unethical and wrong.

Claims are requests or demands for payment in accordance with an insurance policy

Claims can be made in many ways. The insurer is either an affiliate, a business controlled directly or indirectly by a third party, or a licensed agent. The former is generally the one who sells insurance policies on behalf of a client, while the latter negotiates policies independently. The claims amount is usually a limit that applies to a single loss, multiple losses, or a single project.

They are arguments

There are two kinds of argument: emotional appeals and logical arguments. Emotional appeals are often used in advertising and politics to confuse and distort the truth. Emotional appeals may also be used to introduce a logical argument and support it with acceptable forms of evidence. Emotional appeals can also be accompanied by a graphic illustration. Here is an example of both kinds of argument:

They are persuasions

The Persuasions are an American a cappella group that formed in 1962. They specialized in covers of classic rock and pop songs. Their influences range from Frank Zappa to The Beatles. The group has performed with many notable artists such as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. Here are some of their most popular songs. If you're looking for some great new music, check out the Persuasions.

They are used in academic writing

There are many ways to structure a paragraph, and they are not the only way to write a sentence. Paragraphs are also used to build sources and evidence into a writing piece. Examples of this type of writing include a description, a definition, a case study, or a quote. In addition, a sentence may include evidence or a comment on a particular piece of evidence. A concluding sentence links the reader to the next paragraph.

They affect insurance premiums

If you've been in an accident without fault, your insurance premiums will likely not increase, and the other driver's insurance provider will likely pay for your medical expenses and vehicle repairs. While insurers don't raise premiums when there is no money needed for either party, the fact that you've filed a claim can mean a higher premium. Here are the factors that affect your insurance premiums. Each time you file a claim, your premium will increase. However, it will stay on your policy for up to five years, depending on your insurer.