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PROGRAM covid-19 vaccination en masse has started in Indonesia. The recipients are prioritized for vulnerable groups, including health workers and the elderly. The covid-19 vaccine will cause side effects. This is also considered reasonable.

Dr. rer nat apt Aluicia Anita Artarini, a virologist and lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) School of Pharmacy, said there is no vaccine or drug that has no side effects, so it is a natural thing if people experience Post-Immunization Follow-up (AEFI) after receiving covid-19 vaccine.

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According to experts on the ins and outs of life of this virus, the body responds to the vaccine in case of fever, aches, or weakness.

"Because the risk is always there. But what is seen when you want to circulate it or not, the ratio of risk to effect is good. If drugs treat, if vaccines prevent it," said Anita in a virtual discussion 'How is the Process of Making a COVID-19 Vaccine?', Monday 29 March 2021, as quoted from Among.

He explained that a vaccine could be circulated if in the testing process it had greater benefits than side effects.

"So as long as the effect of preventing it is greater, from a regulatory perspective, it will definitely be discussed more," he said.

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Aches, fever, weakness, headaches are common side effects. Not only the covid-19 vaccine, other types of vaccines also have AEFIs that are not much different.

"If you are stiff or stiff, it means your body responds. If you are vaccinated, your body has to make antibodies, so that when the pathogenic virus enters it doesn't get sick," said Anita.

"When we are vaccinated, fever and soreness are signs that our bodies respond. The side effects are still tolerable. Common side effects have already existed in phase 1 and 2 clinical trials," he added.

Anita emphasized that the covid-19 vaccines that have been circulating, including AstraZeneca, have carried out several stages of clinical trials. Even in testing, it is not looking for side effects but whether it is safe or not to be used for humans.

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"If the vaccine is not safe, it will not be allowed to circulate. So many are undergoing clinical trials. The first clinical trial that is undertaken is not knowing the effect, but whether it is safe or not," he said.

"If the vaccine is not safe, you should not continue to the phase 3 clinical trial to check the efficacy. Because what you see is safe or not, it's so safe to check for efficacy," he concluded.