F1 car on the Czech highway. The driver broke the law again

Illegal, because there is nothing to hide, machine Formula 1 it is not approved for driving on normal roads. A few years ago, we saw a similar situation when this car drove the D4 highway between Příbram and Dobříš. Exactly: this car has already been seen in the Czech Republic.

Watch the car ride in the video below:

However, while Czech Police it got to the owner of the car, yes could not establish the identity of the driverbecause he had - understandably - a helmet. Furthermore, the car was not impounded. Now the mysterious driver has once again taken on a similar feat.

The iDNES.cz reader has grasped the situation in the film and the car is clearly a tribute to the 2004 car used by Michael Schumacher. If you wish to experience similar emotions, there is a possibility driving a car in Poland (read Mateusz Żuchowski's report or ... buy Mercedesa-AMG Project Onewhich is the closest to a Formula 1 car.

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