For the first time in 23 years, the Hammers beat the Premier League Forest 1-0 at home

For the first time in 23 years, the Hammers beat the Premier League Forest 1-0 at home

[Now Sports]Nottingham Forest, who played the Premier League at home for the first time in 23 years, won the first game after being promoted with a small victory by 1:0 at home with Alwani's goal. Sunday's home game against Westham at Nottingham Forest was the first Premier League home game for the home team in 23 years. In the early stages, the home team dominated by virtue of home advantage. Olivingara made a cross from the right in 9 minutes, and then came on. Nyakadi's bronze head shook but was rescued. In 15 minutes, Westham ushered in the first attack. Binhama made a long shot from the left. Dian Xuandachen only saved it. Yuanzhu Su Jie wanted to make a supplementary shot and was successfully cleared by the forest guard.

The rhythm of the two sides was lively in the middle, and they were short-handed. In the 41st minute, Westham Binghama instigated a fast break and handed it over to Diqin Wise. The latter saw the opportunity and handed it back to Binghama for a hot shot. However, after VAR inspection, because Antonio was attacking During the process, Wengara was pushed down and fouled first, and the goal was invalid. The immortal forest then ushered in a blessing. In the stoppage time, even Gart buried the door in the small penalty area. The ball hit the calf of the Chinese guest Johnson and then bounced off the feet of Avani and entered the net. Forest led 1:0 at halftime and returned to the locker room.

In the second half, Westham had a chance to equalize as soon as he opened the wave. Cornas shot a long-range lintel from the penalty area and then popped up, and Su Jie's top was saved by Dian Xuandachen. In 52 minutes, the forest fast break, and it fell to Ben Lun Johnson's one-on-one Fabianski. The former calmly broke the net, but he was ruled offside at the moment of receiving the wave and the goal was invalid; 5 minutes later, Niaka Di once again responded with a header from the corner, which was picked up by Fabianski.

Westham then counterattacked. First, Binhama took the free throw and hit the lintel again. In 62 minutes, Su Jie's volley from the penalty area was blocked by McKenna. The shot was received by Dian Xuan Dachen, and he missed the opportunity to equalize again. Westham replaced a number of backups in the middle and back sections to strengthen his offensive power. He took a corner kick in 82 minutes and was successfully guarded by Forest defender Ligao Williams. In the end, Forest defeated Westham 1:0 at home, taking all 3 points and ushering in a promotion. The first victory.