Guan Xiaotong shows up at the gym and is very concerned about his body management jqknews

Recently, some gossip media have photographed Guan Xiaotong in the gym, wearing a black sports vest and trousers, exercising earnestly under the guidance of a coach, with a slim and well-proportioned figure.

It is reported that Guan Xiaotong is very concerned about her body management, and will arrange fitness training whenever she has time. She is currently filming in the crew, and she must be preparing for a new work.

Before that, Guan Xiaotong also posted photos of herself exercising in the gym. The beauty is really too self-disciplined.

It is understood that the TV series "Twenty Do Not Confused 2" starring Guan Xiaotong will be launched on August 17. This will continue the ending of the first part and continue to tell the story of several young girls born in 1995 who have experienced a A series of setbacks, and finally a story of love and growth in the workplace and in life.

Original title: Guan Xiaotong appeared in the gym to exercise earnestly to exercise slender and shapely

Responsible editor: Li Xiaoling