How to Find the Latest News and Podcasts

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If you're looking for breaking stories and current events, you can turn to NPR. NPR's coverage ranges from national and global news to business, science, and technology news. The network also offers a variety of podcasts on a variety of topics. And while ABC News is one of the most popular news sources on the internet, there are plenty of other options available. If you're looking for information that's local to you, try out the In Conversation podcast or subscribe to Apple News.

ABC News

The powerhouse political team at ABC News includes "Nightline" co-anchor Martha Raddatz and Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl. In addition to them, the network's political team includes "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" co-anchor Tom Llamas and contributors Rah Emanuel, Heidi Heitkamp, and Leah Wright Rigueur. In addition, the network features an impressive list of guest contributors.

Apple News

Apple News Today is the company's new podcast service. The podcast features news stories produced by the Apple News team, narrated by voice actors. These are not original stories, but professionally narrated versions of long-form articles and feature reporting published by newspapers and magazines. You can listen to Apple News Today on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To listen to Apple News stories on your computer, download the app for free. And if you want to listen to the podcasts on the go, try the free version.

In Conversation

The national week of conversation is designed to counter the vitriol that is rampant on social media and the internet, and introduce citizens to different points of view. The event organizers call on people to choose courage over contempt and reject the hostility that stymies our efforts to address big issues. The conversation is not intended to criticize particular news sources or media, but rather to clarify what citizens expect from a news source.


If you love the world news, but are tired of hearing the same stories over, you should consider listening to podcasts. Global News is an excellent example of a news podcast. The BBC produces this twice-daily program that covers the biggest stories in the world in just 30 minutes. It reminds us that we're citizens of the world, and its correspondents report from all over the globe. If you're a global citizen, you'll appreciate the thoughtful analysis, as well as the fact-filled content.


Audio from today's news is available for free on Apple's podcast app, Apple Music. Its team includes journalists, newscasters, and radio announcers who create and narrate interesting news items. These stories are based on articles and feature reports from respected newspapers and magazines. Users can download audio stories for free and listen to them anywhere, including their car. Moreover, they are available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and CarPlay.


A common practice in news broadcasts today is creating video news releases. These videos are produced by advertising and PR firms, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to spread the latest information and influence public opinion. Many VNRs include celebrity interviews, and the "man on the street" segment may feature real people or professional actors. But, some critics see VNRs as propaganda. The United States Federal Communications Commission is investigating VNRs. This article will examine the differences between video news releases and traditional news broadcasts.