How to Join a Conference Call

conference call

A conference call is a type of phone call where everyone participating in the call can listen in as well. This type of call is also referred to as an audio-teleconferencing call, or ATC. During a conference call, all participants must have the same phone number, access code, and PIN number. This can be very difficult for people who do not have technical knowledge or are not used to using a conference call. If you are unsure of what these numbers mean, follow these steps:

Organizer access code

The Organizer access code for conference calls is a four-digit code that the conference organizer enters into a conferencing program to join a conference. Once the conference has begun, the organizer will be required to wait for a few seconds before entering the PIN or four-digit code to join. After entering the code, all participants will be logged into the same conference as the organizer. The organizer must enter the PIN or code on their mobile phone.

The application for the conference call can determine whether the organizer information in the conference invitation matches the audio conference profile associated with the user. If so, the conference application can use the organizer's audio conference profile and passcode to grant access to the appropriate participant. Upon successful confirmation, the conference application can proceed to the next step of establishing the conference call. This step is vital for ensuring the security of the conference call.

Participant code

A participant code allows participants to join a conference call without using their actual phone number. If you want to prevent the call from being recorded, you can disable the code for participants. In this case, you can also send out an email inviting them to participate. But if you want to avoid being recorded, you can mute your phone. Here are the steps to do so. Listed below are the steps to mute your phone.

You must first set up the conference in your phone system. Once you've done that, dial the number of the conference, and then enter the code for participants. You may also want to use an access code for conference call participants if they're using mobile phones. However, it's best to stick with a conference call organizer's code, as this is easier to remember. However, if the organizer wants to use the same code for all conference participants, they should enter it in the phone number.

Roll call

A roll call for conference calls asks the conference system to announce the names of participants on a particular conference. The roll call can either be a public announcement to the entire conference, or a private announcement to just one person. In the latter case, the requesting endpoint presses a DTMF digit to enter their request. The conference server detects the digits and plays the names of all participants in turn. The requesting endpoint is muted during the private announcement.

The Roll call feature is an important tool to document conference call participants. The features are available on some conference call platforms, so it's important to learn more about each one before implementing one. Name on Arrival, for example, allows guests to record their names upon joining the call. The Roll call also lets you decrease the volume of the hold music for all lines. By utilizing these features, you can be assured of the accuracy of the names and numbers of participants on your call.

PIN number

The PIN number for a conference call is a code that is used for the purpose of establishing an audio connection. The conference host enters this PIN number when setting up the conference, and the participants will need it to participate. To join the call, participants must press the "CONF" or "JOIN" button. The conference host will then enter the PIN number for the conference and the others will be notified by audible beeps.

When setting up a conference call, it is important to make sure that everyone on the call knows their PIN number. This will make it easier for everyone to join and will ensure that everyone can hear each other. If anyone wants to leave the conference call, they should simply hang up their handsets. If you're on the phone and want to disconnect from the call, you should first enter the "HOLD" PIN number on your conference call.