How to Set Up a Conference Call

conference call

If you are the host of a conference call, you probably want to avoid distractions while on the call. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Set up a conference call on your mobile device

When you're on the move, setting up a conference call on your mobile device is easy. Simply open the Phone app on your mobile device and select the conference call option. Tap Contacts and tap the name of the person you'd like to connect with. Once connected, you can add other participants to your call and put other callers on hold, or swap them around. You can also start and end the call by swiping right or left.

Add people to a conference call

How to add people to a conference call? You can add up to 6 people to a conference call. You can also use the phone's numbered keypad to dial your contacts. Once you find the person you'd like to join the conference call, tap the contact's name and tap the green phone receiver icon to connect. Once connected, you can add people to the call by tapping the Add Call button.

Record a conference call

If you're trying to find a way to record a conference call, you're in the right place. Recording conference calls can be an effective way to keep the conversation for later listening. These recordings can be useful training and sales information tools. To record the best quality recordings, make sure to plan your recording process ahead of time. Most conference calls are noisy at the beginning, but they get a lot calmer toward the end. Set the recording to begin once all participants have joined the conference call, and stop it when the meeting has reached its purpose. You can start and stop recording by pressing *9 and *8, respectively.

Avoid distractions on a conference call

In any business setting, distractions can make it impossible to be productive. Small talk can sabotage productivity by taking up 15 minutes. Instead of talking with other attendees, try to focus on your task at hand. Don't play video games or play other computer games while you're on the call. Likewise, don't type on your laptop or take notes. Distractions will sabotage your conference call and reduce its quality.

Setting up a conference call on your computer

The first step in setting up a conference call on your computer is to invite people to join the call. The easiest way to do this is to create an account on the service you wish to use and then enter the appropriate dial-in numbers. You should also select the date and time of the conference call, as well as an agenda. Then, you can dial in at the scheduled time. Conference call services offer plans for every type of user, from individuals to large corporations.