How to Write a Claim


A claim is a statement that a person can file to the courts stating something that is true or is a situation that exists. It can also be a statement of facts that create a legal right that is enforceable. Here are a few ways to write a claim. Let's start by defining the terms used to create a claim. What are the most common types of claims? How can you use them? And how do you make a claim in court?

State a demand

Before filing a lawsuit, it's important to state a demand for claim, which includes the amount you want to be awarded and what specific relief you're seeking. Demand letters can be submitted directly to the person with whom you're disputing, or to the clerk of court. Though it isn't necessary to have extensive legal experience to draft a demand letter, it must be detailed and organized to be effective. Include a brief history of the dispute and why the parties have not come to an agreement. It is important to include details about the circumstances leading to the lawsuit, as a judge may not know all of the specifics.