Ice Cream Headache?... A peculiar phenomenon in our body

When we eat cold food, unusual phenomena occur in our body, such as brain freeze, which causes a headache, hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating, and dizziness, which makes a strange sound due to the contraction of the diaphragm. [사진=클립아트코리아]

eat ice cream or shaved ice in a hurry Headache and pain experienceThis can be. Eating at an important meeting hiccupThere may have been times when this and me were confused. There are unexpected and unusual phenomena that occur in our body. Why? U.S. health and medical information site 'Web MD' unusual phenomena in the bodyintroduced them

Ice cream headache

If we had to change it to Korean 'Brain freeze'can be said 'Ice Cream Headache'the official name of brain freezeAll. cold foodeat temporarily head achesay

when eating cold food nerves in the roof of the mouthAs it cools, the front of the head blood vesselThis is a swelling phenomenon. As blood vessels expand rapidly achecauses The solution is simple. Eat cold food slowly.


excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosisalso called hyper perspirationcan occur in normal or very healthy people. faceas well as handclass soles of the feet, armpitsmay appear in Aluminum Chloride Antiperspirant, Botox Injection, Oral Medicineclass Operationcan be treated through


room feeling like spinning aroundIf this dizzinessIt can be said that in the earhave a problem with nerve damageThis can happen when you wear a sweatshirt, and it can last for a few minutes or hours.

What is the difference between vertigo and vertigo? The feeling of spinning around is vertigo. dizzinessis a lie Nausea or vomiting, loss of balance There are symptoms such as Dizziness is characterized by a feeling of dizziness and dizziness, fainting, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and anxiety.



diaphragm contractiontrying to breathe, but the gates are suddenly closed 'hiccup'It is a symptom that makes a strange sound. foodtoo very fast Eating or drinking too much or while eating when breathing in air Hiccups may occur.

Hiccups will go away on their own if left unattended, but can be stopped quickly by taking steps such as holding your breath, drinking water quickly, or inhaling through your mouth.

Eyelid tremors

Unpredictable and annoying, but not harmful. eyelid twitchingsilver stressme Fatigue, eye strain, caffeine, dry eyes, tic disorders etc. is the cause. It goes away on its own, but if the symptoms are severe, Botox injections are prescribed.


The leg mouse

crickThis happens for a few seconds or minutes. this is dehydrationme Muscle overuse, nerve stimulation or calcium or potassium. lack of mineralsoccurs when walking, shaking legs, or stretchingDoing so will make the pain go away. If these symptoms persist, an accurate diagnosis should be sought.

Dark circles

Symptoms of darkening under the eyes dark circlesunder the silver eyelidin membrane covering fatThis weakens and bulges out along the side of the nose black shadowor on the skin covering it pigmentationThis is what makes it look bluish.

Agingme fatigue, lack of sleep etc. may be the cause. allergyme genetic causethere is also regular Exerciseclass A balanced diet, sleepGetting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and changing the habit of irritating the eye area can also help.

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