In the summer of 2022, the best films in the film market will emerge one after another - China Daily

The reporter learned from the State Film Administration on the 13th that as of 16:38 on the same day, the box office of my country's 2022 summer program reached 7.382 billion yuan, surpassing the 7.381 billion yuan box office of the 2021 summer program, and the film market has recovered well.

Among them, "A Lonely Walk on the Moon" and "Life Events" temporarily ranked the top two in this year's summer box office list. In addition, the box office results of films such as "The Detective War", "Tomorrow's War" and "Mozart in Outer Space" also ranked at the top of the box office list this summer.

Recently, the State Film Administration has launched a series of measures to promote film consumption, including launching the 2022 film consumption season for the benefit of the people, and cooperating with a number of film ticketing platforms to issue a total of 100 million yuan of film viewing consumption coupons. These film consumption promotion "combination boxing" cooperates with multi-type and multi-theme high-quality films, which not only stimulates the potential of film consumption and better meets the multi-level spiritual and cultural needs of the masses, but also provides an important tool for promoting the faster recovery and continuous improvement of the film market. Assure.

Original title: 2022 summer movie market has a lot of good films

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