Iran 'categorically' denies involvement in the attack on Salman Rushdie | Overseas

“We categorically deny any backlink with Iran. No one has the suitable to accuse Iran, "it reads." In this attack, only Salman Rushdie and his supporters deserve to be blamed and even condemned, "he additional." Insulting holy Islam and overstepping the limitations of above a billion and a half of Muslims, Salman Rushdie uncovered himself to the wrath of these folks, "it reads.

Rushdie was stabbed on Friday by 24-yr-old Hadi Matar as he was about to give a conference in upstate New York. The author's motive is not nonetheless obvious. The perpetrator was taken to the clinic with really serious accidents. He experienced a few stab wounds in the neck, four stab wounds in the belly, a puncture wound in his correct eye, a puncture wound in the upper body and a reduce in his ideal thigh. Yesterday Rushdie's son declared that he will gradually be ready to communicate once again and the admirer has been taken off.

After the publication of his book "Satanic Verses", in 1989 the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini pronounced a "fatwa", a type of loss of life sentence in opposition to the 75-calendar year-outdated author.