'It is a journey not through the path of a story but towards the beginning of that story': Madhupal

Kochi: Tovino Thomas and Kalyani Priyadarshan in the lead roles, Thallumala is a film directed by Khalid Rahman. Now, director and actor Madhupal has come to the scene praising the movie. He says that this is a different kind of film which has not been seen much in Malayalam and to make such a film, a very precise script is required.

Madhupal added that Thallumala is a celebration with singing and singing. He congratulated the cast and crew of the film on Facebook.

Full version of Madhupal's Facebook post;

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Thallumala is a very different film that has never been seen in Malayalam. It is a journey not through the path of a story but to the beginning of that story. This is a film that made the audience feel that they are not what they saw at the beginning of non-linear cinema.

If you want to make a movie like this, you need a very precise script and its brilliance can be seen in this movie. Khalid Rehman, Muhsin Parari, Ashraf Hamza and their friends join the audience through the bright path. Tovino Thomas, Lukman, Shine Tom Chacko, Kalyani, Binu Pappu and the actors who make the movie engaging.

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It is a strip of action movie like a strip of comedy. A film made with the taste of the new age. If you want to know the full extent of the spectacle, you have to go to the theater itself. Even in the narration, like a modern novel, they have tried to make a different character. A celebration with singing and singing. The character of Thallumala is a milestone in the acting career of Tovino who showed many wonders with his voice and body language.

This actor will be full of surprises for the time to come. Lukman has changed his character from his previous films. It is like leaving behind some miracles. The film features a Khalid Rehman who has moved on from Anuragakarikin Vaalil and Unda. Ashiq Usman, for joining. Kudos to Muhsin Parari and Ashraf Hamza for giving the beauty of vernacular flexibility.