"Le Bleu du caftan" by Maryam Touzani functioning for the Angoulême festival

"L'azzurro del caftan" is a movie that, whilst addressing the day by day life of Halim (Saleh Bakri) and Mina (Lubna Azabal), owners of a conventional caftan store in the medina of Salé, Morocco, appears to be like at that of subject areas still taboo: homosexuality. And what could be additional descriptive than a threesome to issue out the outcomes of repressed sexuality. "Le Bleu du caftan" is the second film by the Moroccan director, which introduced crucial and tough issues to the sq..

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Currently in competitiveness at the Valois d'or of the Angoulême Francophone Film Competition held from 23 to 28 August, Franceinfo Africa she requested the director why she chose to deal with repressed homosexuality. Maryam Touzani replied that the movie tells the daily life of some guys like Halim whom she met all through her occupation and who are forced to reside surrounded by lies, fearing the gaze and judgments of culture. “I imagine it will have to be very tricky to get up every single early morning and fake to be anyone else owing to social strain. I achieved a person in the medina in my most up-to-date element movie. I by no means talked about his personal life with him, but I obtained the impression he was maintaining one thing up. It's possible it was my creativity, but it all introduced again individuals old recollections. The character of Halim that I started off writing was this gentleman who turned a maalem, who hid his homosexuality and lived by itself, in a sort of darkness ”.

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As for Lubna Azabal who plays Mina, the female who has selected to are living with the gentleman of her daily life, regardless of remaining knowledgeable of his homosexuality, she argues that it is not an quick selection and that a lot of females like Mina live in this kind of predicament. She “she She has always tried out to safeguard Halim and in this feeling she is like a mother to him. She wishes to give him, in a sense, the bravery to experience the world. Mina desires to depart a content guy. You have huge strength of character since it is not easy to take that the individual you adore is in like with anyone else. But she Mina understands what it indicates to appreciate ”.

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Maryam Touzani has a shut relationship with every of her actors. This is the situation of Lubna Azabal. “She is whole. When she likes a character, she is genuine! She is her character when she plays. As a director, this is a thing I appreciate. It is a present for a director and it is really pleasant to direct it. She has often been Lubna mainly because Mina is a really exclusive character. And I realized Lubna experienced what I was looking for to engage in her. "