Listen! This is China's latest stance on Russia's attack on Ukraine

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - China has opened up again about its stance on Russia's attack on Ukrainian territory. Beijing said that the principle of national sovereignty must be applied in this conflict.

In a message to CNN International, Chinese diplomat who is also the country's special envoy to Korea, Liu Xiaoming, explained that all parties must be able to carry out the principles of honoring sovereignty as outlined in the UN charter. China will continue to push for the implementation of this charter.

"China strongly believes that the sovereignty & territorial integrity of all countries should be respected & protected and the (UN Charter) goals & principles are strictly adhered to. China's position is consistent & clear, and applies equally to the Ukraine issue," he was quoted as saying Saturday, ( 26/2/2022).

China itself has previously explained its stance on this issue. China's Ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, last Friday condemned all forms of sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia. He said this step actually complicates reconciliation in the region.

"Any action from the Security Council (DK) must be truly conducive to easing the crisis, rather than adding fuel to the fire," he said, trying to prevent the UN Security Council from maneuvering sanctions like Western countries.

Even so, so far China has not issued statement who directly condemned this action. In fact, the country led by President Xi Jinping decided to import more wheat from Moscow when Russia attacked Ukraine.

China's move has also received criticism from Western countries. Australian Prime Minister (PM) Scott Morrisson actually said that Beijing had given a breath for Moscow to continue its attacks.

"You don't give 'breath' to Russia when they attack another country. That's unacceptable," Morrison said.

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