Liverpool dock personnel also want to strike, threaten maritime hardships | NOW

Port staff from the British city of Liverpool want to strike. This threatens to more disrupt shipping and delivery across the British isles. A strike is also scheduled for this weekend in Felixstowe, the most significant container port in the place. The move to Rotterdam could satisfy with resistance from the trade unions.

Additional than 500 Liverpool dock personnel voted for the strike on Monday due to the fact they want a greater wage. He had presently been promised a 7 percent wage improve, but the dock personnel are not glad. It is even now unclear when port employees want to strike.

The Port of Liverpool is the fourth premier port in the British isles. It is also a main hub in transatlantic trade.

The Liverpool strike could additional disrupt British shipping. About 2,000 dock employees in Felixstowe will go away their positions this weekend. The strike will previous at minimum a week.

The Dutch trade union FNV has not dominated out the risk that the strike will also have consequences for the port of Rotterdam. Delivery could also be stopped there.

Rotterdam dock personnel have now demonstrated their solidarity with their colleagues in the British container port. In accordance to FNV union director Niek Stam, this indicates that ships that would in fact go to Felixstowe are unable to merely divert to Rotterdam.