Maya Diab: "Dina El-Sherbiny and I have been buddies for 13 several years" (video clip)

14:15 Monday 15 August 2022

I wrote - Bahira Fouda:

The Lebanese singer, Maya Diab, claimed she has had a robust friendship with the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, for 13 many years.

Maya stated throughout her conference in the "Arab Wooden" plan: "Certainly, Dina and I are not just artists. We have been good friends for 13 several years and our friendship has many brothers and closeness, and the woman warrants all the good in the globe, and God generally offers her health and achievements. "

Lebanese singer Maya Diab not too long ago held a live performance in Beirut, Lebanon.

Last March, the artist, Maya Diab, released a new music referred to as "Emi Ya Emmy", by using her YouTube channel, to coincide with the celebration of Mother's Working day.