MLB: These are the Creoles who will be honored by the Mets | Baseball 123

Redaction Meridian

The New York Mets will once again honor Veterans Day, a tradition that was announced in February when they planned to host a veterans game before August 27 of this year.

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In the list two Venezuelans who provided their services will be honored in this event for their incredible participations that offered them triumphs in the franchise of La Gran Poma, it is Edgardo Alfonzo and Endy Chávez.

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The Creoles became the main figures that stood out on the list and will now be part of this tribute that will be dedicated to them for their efforts over the years in the organization of New York.

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Remember New York did away with Veterans Day when the franchise was co-owned by Fred Wilson and Nelson Doubleday.

The event was being more than longed for by the fans, who want to see again the drivers who have had a long career with the New York team.