More fun pool afternoons with these board games from Lidl

Spending a day at the beach or pool with friends and family is one of our favorite plans of the summer since, with the high temperatures and the heat, the only thing that comes to mind is to be outdoors and near the water to be able to refresh ourselves from time to time. The best thing about these plans is that they can always be used to buy some food and drinks at the mall and have a barbecue, but apart from eating and bathingwhat else can you do to enjoy the day?

We usually celebrate barbecues at home, because we have a swimming pool, one weekend yes and another too. We love to put on our favorite music and dance and sing with our friends while we eat and bathe, but it's true that sometimes we fall short and need look for something else so we don't get bored. That's why we went around the Lidl supermarket that we have closer to home to see if we could see something that would help us entertain ourselves on these pool days and we found these new board games from Lidl which we think you will love.

Board games from Lidl

Sun bathe, listen to some music, take a bath, read a book, take a napetc., this is all very well that we do when we go to the beach or the pool to relax, but in our humble opinion, it is fine to do it for a short break or if you go to the beach or the pool alone, though things change when you go with friends or family, you need something more to entertain you beyond cards, rackets or a ball. That's why, so we saw these new board games from Lidl we thought it was a good option to tell you about them to give you more entertainment ideas for your pool or beach days. Here are the three that we liked the most, such as dominoes, pétanque and dice:


Lidl pool game dominoes
Domino game for the pool, photo: ©Lidl

We love this domino game and think it's an ideal choice to relax and have a fun time with family and friends on cool summer afternoons while stimulate your logical thinking skills. It is composed of a total of 28 wooden dominoesin particular, from pi schima and, in addition, it includes a notepad so that you keep track of who is winning and who is losing, a carrying case and game instructions.

dice games

Donated pool games from LidlDonated pool games from Lidl
Given pool games, photo: ©Lidl

This dice game also helps to stimulate logical thinking and the bag is included 5 wooden dicealso from pi schima, a cube to move the dice, a score pad with 100 leaves, the game instructions and a carrying bag that of approximately 14×14 cm.

Petanque set

Pétanque game for the Lidl poolPétanque game for the Lidl pool
Pétanque game for the pool, photo: ©Lidl

To finish, this set of petanques to play on the beach or in the pool is the sea of ​​fun and entertainment. The best thing about these petanques is that while you are having fun while competing with each other in a healthy way, you are also encouraging hand-eye coordination. This Lidl pétanque set includes 6 wooden target balls, a wooden shooting ball, a carrying case so you can take them with you wherever you like, and playing instructions. To give you more details, the big ball is about 7 centimeters in diameter, the small one about 3.4 centimeters in diameter and all the balls are also made in schima pine wood.