Murderous professionalism! Not as soon as have I read "Absolutely not!" or "I are unable to!"

"A firm at the rear of the power and enjoy of 1 person: Lili Ivanova!" This is what Nikolay Nedekov, the human being who is closest to the primate and will take care of the management of him, wrote on Fb, noticed a reporter

"I wouldn't outline the last 4 days in any other way. From a purely statistical stage of perspective, they looked like this:

- 4 live live shows in Bulgaria for 4 times - 11, 12, 13 and 14 August 2022.

- viewers of about 7,000 people.

- 2000 km traveled.

- Crew of 40 people today, tons of machines.

- 18 hours of rest in whole for 4 times ...

And behind all this is his killer professionalism, his magnetic existence and need to operate, his enjoy for the public and his perseverance.

In this logistical hell, in the evening treks of around 500 km, in the fast paced timetable of rehearsals and live live shows, in the insomnia, in the rain, I have not heard a assertion from him or ineffective grumbling. I haven't heard - "No!" or "I can't!"

He was there by our side to inspire the full workforce, to tell jokes in the car, to hold the driver's morale high at 03:00, to normally be in good shape, to be an example ... and just to do his position the greatest - in the very best way!

For the initial time, a Bulgarian artist gave two consecutive, fully offered out, solo live shows in the Ancient Theater - Plovdiv! The most prestigious summer scene in Bulgaria.

The magic and thrill of the knowledge stay permanently!

Thanks to all the groups for the fantastic work!

Thank you, Lily! "Nikolay Nedekov also wrote and posted pics and a video clip.