NASA: Why is it forbidden to masturbate in space?

It is common knowledge that NASA establishes a series of safety protocols on every space mission for the well-being of the astronauts. But a particular instruction to the Baron crew leaked in recent days and caused a stir.

Astronauts can't masturbate in space. This type of information is not usually shared publicly by the space organization, as it is when there is a find or a successful spacewalk. But a number of rational reasons justify this measure.

Apparently, this protocol serves as a mechanism to prevent one of the crew from impregnating a colleague, due to "lost fluids". NASA's argument is that only with a few few drops of semen a process of sexual reproduction could be generated without the need for astronauts to have intercourse with each other.

This information was given by a former agent of the space organization during an interview on the podcast "Space Porn" directed by Conan O'Brien.

The explanation for this protocol came when O'Brien asked him if crew members could bring pornographic material on a space mission, and the former official said he is categorically prohibited.

Although it is not a topic that is often discussed, several NASA technicians have already referred to this topic. Dr. John Millism explained to The New York Post that masturbating in space can take no more what a catastrophe and a reflection of very poor logistical coordination. “It would be similar to attempting the act while skydiving. This, as well as pregnancy, would not be impossible", he explained.

Simon Dubé, one of the experts who collaborated in a study to explore the relevance of sexuality in space, explained that the psychological and physical stress of travel can lead to a reduction in sexual desire. However, he doesn't know if the orgasms could feel different, that is, more or less intense.