Neymar retains the ball - for penalty: Mbappe checks Messi - he is stunned

The 43 'of the Ligue 1 match in between PSG and Montpellier. The hosts are main 1-, now a penalty is awarded. Edelzangler Neymar grabs the ball and needs to shoot. Much to the chagrin of his colleague Kylian Mbappé, who definitely needs to shoot as well and also tells Neymar, despite acquiring skipped a penalty 20 minutes earlier. Explosive: on the way to the ball, Mbappe's path intersects with Messi's. The very first does not appear at the 2nd, even controlling it slightly. When Mbappe would not make a deal with, Messi appears to be subtly flabbergasted. That's suitable, every coach in all probability wishes a lot of players who want to choose the penalty - on the other hand, Twitteria is certainly outraged by Mbappe's "disrespect" in direction of Messi.