Not out of the haze of the Asian Cup defeat, the Chinese men's basketball team lost to the university team by 12 points | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Sports Center / Reported by Huang Jiayi

▲ The University of Alabama defeated the Chinese men's basketball team by 12 points. (Photo/Retrieved from the official website of the University of Alabama)

In the just-concluded Asian Cup, the Chinese men's basketball team, which had the worst ranking in the past 14 years, faced the NCAA first-level team University of Alabama in a warm-up match in France on the 13th. The opponent grabbed 23 offensive rebounds and had no advantage in the penalty area. Xia lost to the University of Alabama 77:89, and has yet to get out of the shadow of the Asian Cup defeat.

As an NCAA first-level team, the University of Alabama has produced stars such as Latrell Sprewell and Gerald Wallace in the past. In recent years, there have also been JaMychal Green and Collin Sexton. Entering the NBA hall, although the University of Alabama broke into the March Madness Championship last year, it was eliminated in the first round, and its strength was mediocre among the first-tier teams.

The Chinese men's basketball team, which is preparing for the World Cup qualifiers in France, played against the University of Alabama in the warm-up match on the 13th. Zhou Qi did not play in this game, but the Chinese men's basketball team still had Guo Ailun, Wang Zhelin and other main players in charge. The two sides took the lead in the first half. , but the situation changed after changing the basketball. The University of Alabama gradually played the advantage of the penalty area. The rebounding was 47:36 better than the Chinese men's basketball team. Brandon Miller, a rookie in the first round, contributed 21 points and 5 rebounds. In the end, the University of Alabama relied on its physical advantage to defeat the Chinese men's basketball team 89:77.

Although it suffered a setback in the warm-up match, the Chinese men's basketball team will have the opportunity to revive its morale in the face of weak Kazakh and Bahrain in the second stage of the World Cup qualifiers at the end of August.