Now the ship has absent devoid of a trace

- The cargo ship Razoni, which flies the flag of Sierra Leone and is loaded with corn, sets sail from the port of Odesa at 8:30 am headed for Lebanon, a assertion from the Turkish Defense Ministry read through on 1 August.

15 days afterwards, it is mysterious in which Razoni is.

- We have no data on the position of the ship or where by the cargo is going. We also acquired facts that the cargo was sold numerous situations, the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut stated, according to the Affiliated Push.

Arrangement concluded on July 22nd

Turkey and the United Nations aided Russia and Ukraine concur on July 22 an settlement for Ukraine's grain exports, which have been blocked considering that Russia attacked its neighbor and blocked Ukrainian ports.

This has contributed to the food crisis in a number of places about the planet, as Ukraine is a person of the world's biggest producers of cereals. The arrangement has its personal oversight place of work in Istanbul, the place representatives from all 3 nations are collected.

Razoni was first inspected in Turkey, ahead of likely to Lebanon with 26,000 tons of corn to use as chicken feed. However, the purchaser in Lebanon would not accept the cargo, presumably mainly because it was shipped as well late.

Then the tracking on Razoni was deactivated. It was like this for three times. The Related Push writes that a attainable reason could be that the ship went to Syria, an ally of Russia that Ukraine accuses of importing stolen grain.

Syria is also subject matter to sanctions by the West owing to the 11 years of conflict that has led to the loss of hundreds of countless numbers of human life.

Reuters citing two resources that the ship is on its way to the Syrian port metropolis of Tartus.

- Not accountable

- Our mission was to reopen the ports for grain exports and it has been carried out, states the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut.

In accordance to the embassy, ​​16 ships have so significantly transported around 450,000 tons of agricultural goods due to the fact the settlement went into influence. Razoni is registered in Sierra Leone.

- We are not responsible for the ship or cargo, not immediately after it has left Ukraine and specially not immediately after the ship has still left a overseas port, notes the Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon.

It is approximated that 20 million tons of grain for export have been stranded in Ukraine due to the fact the war began.