OSMAN 11 repeats today the frequency of the channels transmitting the series "The Resurrection of Osman & kuruluş Episode 11" on Yarmouk

The general follow-up to replay the series of the Resurrection of Uthman 11, the eleventh episode, on Yarmouk channel on replay today, Thursday, which is repeated again with translation, on the channel today, follow the article now, and follow the periodic updates that we do, you can review the general article and follow the timing of the presentation on satellite channels.

This series comes to you tonight at 8 pm on Turkish atv, in Turkish, and then you can enter the sites specialized in transferring translation, and follow the series with translation a few hours after the show, then tomorrow the series follows in Arabic, continue the article now, and we follow with you the frequency of the channels carrying the Resurrection Osman series Episode 11

Channels broadcasting the series of Resurrection Osman episode 11

Yarmouk channel in Arabic and ATV channel in Turkish:

ATV channel frequency

  • Frequency 10796
  • Another frequency is 11555
  • Polarization is vertical
  • The coding rate is 27500
  • The Nile Nilesat

The frequency of the Yarmouk channel

  • Frequency 11678
  • The coding rate is 27500
  • Vertical polarization
  • The Nile Nilesat

A general series that we follow on Nilesat, and we follow up with all the reports, and how Osman got rid of the Mongol invasion, and he is trying to do that, in the absence of Artgrel in Konya, and we follow up with you the assistance that Osman receives in order to follow the Kayi tribe and protect it from external invasion.

Everyone turns around the screen today, for the series of the Resurrection of Othman, episode 11 so that everyone can follow the series closely, and so that everyone can follow the series complementing the resurrection of Artgrel, the series that witnessed five seasons in the past, and obtained the highest levels of viewing in the Arab world.