Planet Saturn aligns with planet Earth tonight

TRIBUNBEKASI.COM - Tonight, Monday (15/8/2022) there will be a natural phenomenon, where the planet Earth is parallel to the Earth planet Saturnthe most beautiful planet in the solar system.

Position planet Saturn which is aligned with planet Earth was announced today by NASA in its Instagram account.

NASA states, planet Saturn it will be easy to see when it is parallel to the earth.

Because at that moment Saturn will have the closest distance to the earth.

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Saturn will be directly opposite the Sun.

The ringed planet will be right on the west side of the rising moon this Monday night.

If we use a telescope tonight, we can observe the circle of Saturn and a large moon called Titan which is located around the planet.

If you don't have a telescope, Jakarta residents can visit Ancol Dreamland tonight.

Tonight, the Planetarium is organizing a "Night Picnic with Saturn".

In this activity there will be a discussion session that will discuss the Planet Saturn and the Saturn Opposition phenomenon with the resource person, Mr. Widya Sawitar (POJ / HAI Astronomer).