“Poor Shishkova”: Miro called Timati a small-timer

With model Alena Shishkova Timati met a few years ago. The long-legged blonde gave birth to the rapper's daughter Alice, but she never went down the aisle with him.

Blogger Lena Miro believes that the former lover does not invest in the life of her daughter's mother.

“Yunusov, if you judge a man by the way his ex-women live, then I can’t say anything good about you. You are a petty person, Yunusov, very petty, since your daughter's mother washes her dreary apartment herself. It seems that you allocate 50 thousand rubles a month to her, no more. Poor Shishkova. How uselessly she merged. In general, some kind of spineless, ”says Lena Miro in her blog.

Recall that Timati also has a son, Ratmir, who was born by Anastasia Reshetova. Now the musician and businessman is dating model Valentina Ivanova.