President Gustavo Petro: Guaidó is non-existent

Caracas.- The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, referred to the Venezuelan opponent, Juan Guaidó, regarding whom he assured that he is "non-existent".

In an interview for the magazine Semana, the new president from New Granada was questioned about "what does it produce when Juan Guaidó is called president?"; to which he replied using a metaphor:

“It is like the cave in Plato's Republic: there is a metaphor that is the cave; it is a projection of shadows on a background through light; it is what Plato showed people a long time ago”, and he went on to explain: “Look how these shadows move but they are unreal”.

As he related, “from there an entire philosophical current was founded: Platonic idealism. Platonic love came out as a concept of that, that is, non-existent.

He emphasized by clarifying that this is how "unreal" is the figure represented by the former opposition leader and the team he heads: Juan Guaidó "has no control in Venezuela," Petro asserted.