Pupils from Baden-Württemberg can study again during the holidays


In summer schools, pupils from Baden-Württemberg can catch up on the subject and fill in the gaps. The mostly one-week program is offered in a total of 69 locations.

The Ministry of Education supports the 69 offices this year with around 950,000 euros. Photo: Peter Kneffel / dpa / Illustration

Lessons Instead of Holidays: Despite the summer holidays, boys and girls still have the option of going to school this year to bridge the learning gaps. In the last two weeks of vacation, like last year, they can study the main subjects of mathematics, German and a foreign language. The objectives: to recover material and work on difficulties in the classroom.

According to the Ministry of Education, the so-called summer schools will be offered from Monday in a total of 69 locations. "With summer schools, students can gain momentum before the new school year," promoted Education Minister Theresa Schopper.

According to the ministry, a main theme is set in each of the summer schools under a framework program. In this way, the learning contents of the lessons should be integrated and social skills strengthened. The Ministry cites the issues of the environment and sustainability, language training, career guidance and physical activity as examples of these priorities.

Summer schools usually last a week. They are organized by the teachers, who also take care of the lessons. "Small learning groups allow teachers to respond specifically to children and support them where they need it," says the ministry.

According to more information, about 3,000 children and young people took part in summer schools in 81 locations last year. The Ministry of Education supports the 69 offices this year with around 950,000 euros. The new school year begins on 12 September.