Ramon Enrique Torres begins a new cycle of cancer treatment in New York

The veteran journalist and communicator Ramon Enrique Torres began a new cycle of cancer treatment under the care of a team of doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The news anchor was admitted to the said hospital in mid-July to receive proper care and treatment for the neck cancer he was diagnosed with in 2021.

He was discharged last week and began a new cycle of chemotherapy in New York, the son confirmed Xavier Torres a The New Day.

The journalist moved in July to the Gran Poma, together with his daughter Layza Torres to begin a new medical evaluation that would give a clearer and more precise overview of the current state of health, which in recent months had not presented a " "significant improvement".

The former news anchor of the newscasts of TeleOnce, UnivisionTV system and the Mega TV he arrived at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with great difficulty swallowing and ingesting food, a problem that was delaying his recovery. Once he was admitted to the health institution, several tests were performed and his doctors recommended another cycle of treatment.

The journalist's son stated that his father's state of mind is better and he is optimistic about the treatment.

In Puerto Rico, the 69-year-old journalist was diagnosed with throat cancer with metastasis to his tonsils and received a cycle of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments.

“We had to take papi to this cancer center in New York because he is having a lot of difficulty swallowing and feeding. It hurts a lot because he has an ulcer in his throat. This has delayed his improvement, because naturally he has a lot of discomfort in the area. Already here the doctors saw it and the next thing is the biopsies that will be done in the coming days”, said Xavier in July.

The news presenter's children, Layza, Xavier and Ramón take turns caring for their father in New York. One travels every week. Layza and Xavier continue to fulfill their commitment to the program "Lunch Break" from Mega (106.9 FM) alternating its appearance.

The reporter also clarified that the information that was spread a few months ago that Torres was free of cancer, was the specific result of a study that was done directly in the throat and launched that there was no presence of the disease in the specific area. However, the subsequent result of the Pet Scan study revealed that the veteran journalist continues his battle against the condition.

When he was diagnosed with throat cancer, surgery was not an option because, having metastasized to the tonsils, "it could compromise the vocal cords and it was very risky", as Layza narrated in April of this year when the state of his father's health was made public through the New Day.