Russian troops flee from Kherson

Most of the military services command of the Russian occupation troops in Kherson has remaining the town, Yury Sobolevsky announced in the countrywide television marathon in Ukraine, quoted by UNIAN.

Commenting on the operational problem in the region, and in specific that Ukrainian artillery has ruined all the bridges more than the Dnieper and now the Russians are transferring the full command to the suitable financial institution, he reported: “I can verify this. Certainly, orcs nowadays do not have a solitary protected logistical route that fulfills their armed service desires especially to give for the army team just exterior of Kherson. Sobolevsky confirmed that all arteries are less than full manage of the Kiev fireplace.

"Apparently this has grow to be the primary reason why the Russian military command in fact left Kherson. Most of them have previously remaining Kherson, reviews say," included the vice president of the occupied area. He also included that the Antonovsky Bridge, in spite of attempts by the Russian occupiers to restore it, is now in these a point out that it are not able to even be used as a pedestrian bridge with out excellent hazard, he claimed. OFF Information.

"Even as a pedestrian ford, it would be a terrific hazard to persons if (the Russians, br.) Opened this bridge." It is shut to the community and civilians are not allowed to approach until these days. There was already a substantial number of injury there, and just after each and every subsequent VSU strike, it boosts. They tried to do some repairs, but all the repairs were being removing the harmed coating and putting a slab there and covering it with asphalt. The occupants realize that the VSU can cease their repair perform at any time. I am persuaded that in military services terms they will no extended be in a position to use this bridge, "additional Sobolevski.

On 14 August, the representative of the "South" operational command of the Ukrainian armed forces declared that the Ukrainian forces had disabled the Antonovsky bridge. The Ukrainian Armed Forces also destroyed huge Russian devices, weapons and ammunition retailers in Nova Kakhovka and Muzikovka.

On Monday morning, the mayor of Melitopol before the Russian invasion, Ivan Fyodorov, declared that for the past 24 hrs, Ukrainian guerrillas experienced been to the southwest of the city on the railway bridge the Russians utilised to vacation concerning the place and Crimea. . "This signifies a full deficiency of concentrations on the aspect of Crimea," Fyodorov wrote on Telegram.