Sandman | Movie review: Netflix's best recent drama series

Sandman | Movie review: Netflix's best recent drama series

Netflix has recently become an uncertain guarantee. Regardless of the movie or series, it disappointed audiences and even caused a siege. There have been rumors that it has sparked a wave of cancellations. It looks like Netflix really got it planning seriously and not letting that flow. Homework destroys the brand. Coming to "Sandman" can really restore Netflix's disadvantage. This series adapted from the DC comics hasn't officially started shooting yet and has garnered wide attention; It was once known as the most impossible "picture" story, Netflix, but it did. "Sandman" speaks euphemistically of "Sandman", but extends a huge worldview from him, combining a variety of myths, religions and folklore elements to expand the worldview indefinitely. In just one season, he was stunned. I've regained interest in Netflix's long-lost "playwright". The series not only has a broad world view, but also has distinct characters and intertwined stories, which makes the series highly recognizable, and it's not hard for you to "burn" an entire season in one day.

Netflix's rarely concise and complete first season

The Sandman story describes everyone's dream after falling asleep, ruled by the master Dream. One day, he was kidnapped by a wizard and trapped in the world for many years, he returned to the world of dreams and found that everything had collapsed. The ripples caused by these decades have also affected the real world. This is the simplest introduction to the storyline. After all, this drama has a broad view of the world and it is difficult to explain it in a few words. It is rare that this drama can be concisely and comprehensively structured in a single season. In recent years, both Netflix and various platform dramas have all been into the problem of "talk about it or not talk about it" and have created a mystery to air one more season. While this drama will obviously be shot for countless seasons, the first season can basically explain a world view and can be prepared for next season; in terms of independence, it has complete succession and transformation and rich elements, and you won't feel that after watching a season. Slightly lost.

From the first episode, slowly defining the world view and the whole story is a rare thought for Netflix. (Netflix movie "Sandman")

"Sandman" displays the legend and the background of the character is highly tracker

As a fantasy theme, "The Sandman" is not a series that sells great visuals and great scenes, but carefully deconstructs the realms of different myths and legends. Each episode appears to be independent and can be linked together at the end. In addition to dreams, concepts such as "destiny", "death" and "desire" can be visualized in this worldview that we often talk about. These issues seem to be separate, but they are always closely linked, which drives the public's desire to watch and keep watching, and Netflix has long lacked "watchable" works.

The story displays the legendary characters and makes the world view more solid. (Netflix movie "Sandman")

Not only is the plot interesting, but the story is also full of meaning

The subtlest thing about the "Sandman" series is that these conceptualized characters and problems are not just empty words, they also have the demands of the plot, instilling a solid plot and nuance into a fantasy story. The time and space involved in "Sandman" spans hundreds of years, and the dismantling is distinct, and the grievances and grievances between the characters are progressive, reaching extraordinary dramatic force. The fifth and sixth episodes in the middle section push the darkest evidence of human nature to the highest peak, and in the sixth episode, life and death are depicted filled with romance and hope, and these complex relationships and concepts between the characters a small summary is gently brought to a level, then plots the next climax. The contrast between light and dark in the two episodes is fraught with drama, and it's no exaggeration to extract it yourself and turn it into a movie. Sure, it can be said that American dramas tend to get worse and worse, but if the first season has reached this level of work, there aren't many in recent years, and "Sandman" certainly did.

This is not just an empty topic and visual effects, but the very thoughtful meaning discussed in the fifth and sixth episodes is the culmination of the whole play. (Netflix movie "Sandman")


Episode details

| 《sleepiness》 Rating: 95/100

| Number of episodes: 10 episodes

| Viewing platform: Netflix


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