Secretary of Health analyzes the case of a person in a situation of indigence who died under the bridge of the General Hospital of the State | News from Sonora

The Secretary of Health analyzes the case of a person, in a situation of indigence, who unfortunately died under the bridge of the State General Hospital (HGE) last Wednesday afternoon.

The state department reported that a day earlier in the emergency room, medical and nursing staff attended to the man and found that he had normal vital signs, but after a few minutes of attention the patient he requested his voluntary discharge and retired from the post.

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The health institution clarified that the sector's hospitals have protocols aligned to the international regulations for the care of medical emergencies. However, he did not rule out analyzing their relevance to make them more flexible in cases of extraordinary situations like what happened this Wednesday.

He explained that, for the attention of people on the public road, the exclusive presence of personnel trained in pre-hospital care is necessary, that is, Red Cross paramedics, who are sent through a specific call to the number of emergencies 9-1- 1. The staff of the hospital, passing doctors, residents and those who perform the social service, cannot go outside to protect them in the event of any accidental event.

They await the results of the autopsy of the deceased

The Secretary of Health detailed that the paramedical staff that the institution has are transferring patients to other institutions and even within this one, however, given the seriousness of the patient, they were requested to leaveto an ambulance and a paramedic to attend to himthose who arrived at the Red Cross.

The SSA reiterated to the population that, for medical emergencies on public roads, it is essential to call 9-1-1 and wait for the arrival of the emergency services.

It should be noted that the number of people in street situations on the outskirts of the State General Hospital has increased in recent years, as well as their hospital income. To these people they are not denied medical care and they are given supplies such as medicine, food and clothing.

Finally, the institution commented that it will be attentive to the results of the autopsy of the dead person to continue informing public opinion.

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