Seven curiosities of Ian Fleming and James Bond

Ian Fleming is one of those names that not everyone remembers the first time they hear it. Some may think that it is related to the world of medicine or science, but the truth is that his legacy lives on today and the star character of his novels has indeed made a name for himself around the world. James Bond is more than the protagonist of a series of publications from the 50s and 60s.

We remember this British writer and his special agent al 58th anniversary of his death.

Javier Sierra - Ian Fleming, the alter ego of agent 007 - Listen now

1. Special agent or ornithologist?

Ian Fleming's idea is that the name of his hero sounded "the more mundane the better" and that it could sound conventional, worthy of a spy who seeks to remain anonymous. While writing his first novel, Fleming had in his home jamaicaon the farm Golden Eyea copy of Birds of the West Indieswritten by none other than ornithologist James Bond.

The name seemed perfect to him, even if anyone puts it today, and he debuted in 1953 and in the play Casino Royale. Interestingly, on the big screen, Pierce Brosnan is presented in front of Halle Berry a die another day (2002) as an ornithologist who ended up in Cuba "for the birds".

2. Things of cousins

For the film adaptation of the Dr. NoFleming had a single actor in mind, Christopher Lee (known at the time for his role in Dracula and Fleming's cousin), but the filmmakers had already settled on Joseph Wiseman.

Lee would not be without a role in the Bond film saga. Fleming eventually got his relative to play a Scaramangathe village of The man with the golden gun, movie starring Roger Moore and listed as the one with the fewest murders by 007 of all the adaptations, barely one death. Lee stated that he approached his role as "the dark side of Bond".

3. The first Bond

Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore... surely many people have their own Bond and for some 007 is synonymous with Sean Connery, but the truth is that the Scottish actor was not the first to bring the character to life. Was Bob Holness who voiced the spy in a 1956 radio version.

Already for cinema technically he was the specialist Bob Simmons who appears first on the big screen, is the actor who plays Bond in the opening sequence of Dr. No and Connery didn't appear gunned down until thunder, the fourth installment. Iconic sequence that was always placed at the beginning until Quantum of solace. The producers wanted to show a younger and inexperienced James Bond, embodied by Daniel Craig, and placed her at the end of the film. It wasn't until he reached maturity in the third installment of this saga and that's why a spectrumthe fourth film, when the shot reappeared at the beginning.

4. Out of the canon

The premiere of There is no time to die is scheduled for October this 2021 and with it will be 25 adaptations of the 007 franchise, but there are two films starring James Bond outside this great collection.

The first date of 1967 and, although it was called Casino Royaleis not considered canonical for being a parody of the interpretations of Sean Connery and with David Niven starred in Bond. Connery would return to the role in the second installment not produced by Eon. It was an independent production company that took care of never say again and who managed to premiere it in 1983 with a 53-year-old 007.

5. Tomorrow never... lies or dies?

Pierce Bosnan's second entry in the franchise was released under the title: Tomorrow never diesa sign without meaning and the result of chance.

The plot of this film revolves around the dubious journalistic rigor of the newspaper Tomorrow and the idea was to take advantage of his name for that of the film. Producers and director did not agree between to die (die) or lie (lies) for the film's sign and finally opted for the second, but in the chain of events they added an assistant, a fax dictated the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and a typographical error that resulted in the title of the film as we know it today.

6. M, a not so hidden identity

What would Bond do without M and M without his agent 007?

The mysterious high official has been hiding behind an initial for years and has even recently changed gender, but his name has been widely known for years. Already in his novels, Fleming makes it clear that M is actually the admiral Sir Miles Messervy and in the movies it seemed to coincide until the arrival of Judi Dench on paper By then Fleming was dead and it was Raymond Benson the person in charge of the official novel The facts of death and where it was revealed that the character played by Dench was called Barbara Mawdsley.

The British actress was the third to give life to M and with the transfer of powers to the actor Ralph Fiennes the character had to be renamed. After the initial, Fiennes concealed Gareth Mallory.

7. A real Nazi on screen

James Bond has faced dozens of threats, but without a doubt one of the most remembered villains is golden fingerantagonist of the 1964 film. A character embodied by the German actor Gert Fröbe and that he admitted to having belonged to the Nazi party during the government of Adolf Hitler

His statement outraged more than one and, as a result, the premiere of golden finger it was banned in the theaters of Israel. The veto was lifted when it came to light that Fröbe saved two Jewish children during his time in the party. The testimony of Mario Blumenauwho affirmed at the Israeli embassy that the actor was saved by his mother.

As if that were not enough, the problems with this film started from the shooting when it was seen that the German could not speak English, not as his agent had sold him, and the participation of the british actor Michael Collinswho dubbed Fröbe's voice in a studio.